Lair of the Raven


Welcome to Lair of the Raven

Open Game Master

Live Tabletop Roleplaying - Open to Everyone! Come and join us live on Twitch, and sign up to play yourself!


Follow along with my creative endeavours, from building models to home DIY.


Looking for some character inspiration, tabletop assets, or a scenario? Everything below was hand-crafted for games I have run and played.


No character goes without introduction, and what better way to tell everyone what you are about than with a story?


Fresh videos straight from the Lair to your screen! Every week there's new scripted content, hobby videos, tutorials, and let's play videos.

Let’s Play

Come with me on an adventure into the unknown. I primarily play adventure and older games, and generally blind!

Get Creative

Tips, tutorials, and tricks to help you Get Creative!


Kick back and play some games, including several classic TV gameshows.


Follow one of these paths out to adventure, but beware; dragons await beyond these mountains.